Lincoln Preparatory School

Process for Enrollment

Applications for admission shall be due by the deadline of the open-enrollment period each school year. Open-enrollment for accepting applications will be announced on the school website. Once a student is approved for enrollment, the parent/guardian will be contacted to complete the Student Enrollment Packet. A checklist of required documents can be found by clicking the appropriate link. When enrollment packet is received by LPS, student is considered enrolled. 

Parent/Student Handbook

The Parent/Student Handbook provides details regarding policies, procedures, and practices of Lincoln Preparatory School. The handbook can be found online at the school website. An electronic copy can be found by clicking the appropriate link. Additionally, the Parent/Student Handbook Acknowledgment Form is one of the required documents that must accompany the student enrollment packet.

Updates to the Student Handbook may occur throughout the school year. Any changes/additions will be updated on the Lincoln Preparatory School website monthly to include necessary revisions. You may access the school website for updates.


A student under 18 may be withdrawn from school only by a parent. The school requests notice from the parent at least three days in advance so that records and documents may be prepared. The official withdrawal form must be completed and returned via email to Records. A student who is 18 years of age or older, who is married, or who has been declared by a court to be an emancipated minor, may withdraw without parental signature. In all cases, withdrawal forms must be appropriately completed and signed before withdrawal is complete.

Report Cards/Progress Reports

Parents must be kept informed about their student's grades, overall performance, and absences. Therefore, report cards are made available to parents at intervals corresponding with the grading period length used at any given school, typically ranging from six-week to nine-week intervals. Parents are requested to schedule a conference with their student’s teacher if he or she is not making adequate progress. 

Report Cards/Progress Reports can be viewed online in the Student Progress Center.  Instructions for accessing the Student Progress Center are found by clicking the appropriate link.

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